Imogen Welch

The Southend-on-Sea  – Beach Rubbish Project

2016 – 17

I collected rubbish on Southend beaches twice a month for a year. The process included documenting the location, weather, date and time in a sketchbook.

The initial art outcomes were documentary films and images of the finds using photographs and scans. The digital prints were created to remind the viewer of scientific microscope images of plankton and minerals.

For ‘Thirty Pieces of Silver’, I made casts of small plastic finds. In an attempt to draw attention to this environmental problem I’ve made trash valuable. Working an ‘alchemy’ and turning the abject into desirable charms, I attempt to examine ideas of value and cost.

Beach Rubbish documentary

List of items collected on 16.8.17

Video Links

Beach Rubbish Scans

Beach Rubbish Scans

Beach Rubbish Postcard

Beach Rubbish Postcard

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Beach Rubbish Photos


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